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Plants for a better life

Who has never wanted to get rid of a bad habit that undermines our health. Free yourself from an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis or even coffee. Change your diet to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol or blood sugar levels. Following a new way of life simply to have a better quality of life.

Take a cure by yourself.

Knowingly, I managed to free myself from certain addictions, my secret was of course with medicinal plants. It took a lot of willpower, determination, and I also adopted a healthier way of life. Unfortunately too often we wait to have health problems, or a state of deep distress that pushes us to question ourselves. We then begin to look inside ourselves for what is wrong, and see the solutions available to us.

You have everything to succeed.

For many people, the use of a therapist or a self-help organization is necessary. This can help them on their journey to achieve their goals. On the other hand, the person who does most of the work is of course the subject.

La réussite ne tient qu'à vous

Don't be a victim anymore.

We are often the victim of the influences of those around us, for example; the vast majority of smokers have had parents or family members who smoked. They may have had friends who would influence their habits or simply wanted to do like the others.

Quit smoking with plants

Did you know that there are plants that can help people with nicotine withdrawal? Stevia is very effective in countering cravings. A study in Germany showed that this plant could facilitate withdrawal from nicotine. St. John's wort is also used to treat mild to moderate nervous breakdowns. This plant is very famous for fighting against anxiety, anguish and nervousness. It gives good results in controlling mood swings or excess anger.

Increase your motivation.

St. John's wort is also known to stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine. These hormones are secreted by the brain and positively influence motivation and mood in humans. For those who have already quit smoking, or who have tried it, they know very well that mood swings and the stress associated with abstinence from nicotine are the causes that lead people to a relapse. Learn to manage your anxiety. Drinking a herbal tea to relax and soothe this anxiety could be beneficial during the first weeks. There are also other plants such as verbena, valerian and black cohosh which are also recommended in herbal medicine to quit smoking.

Alcohol addiction.

For an alcoholic, quitting drinking is a very big challenge, especially if you have the hereditary factor that comes from the family. There is no specific gene for alcohol dependence, but research suggests it influences several genes, including those responsible for coding the enzymes that eliminate alcohol from the body. . There is not one gene identified as the alcohol dependence gene, but researchers have identified a number as being involved. The ADH1B gene, for example, is involved in making an enzyme in the liver responsible for metabolizing alcohol.The DRD2 gene is linked to dopamine (a neurotransmitter in the brain), which influences susceptibility to addiction

Understanding to free yourself.

Variations in these genes change our reaction to alcohol. It is therefore the complex interaction of several genes that increases the risk of addiction. To get rid of this kind of addiction, you have to look yourself in the face, and understand why you try to escape and run away from your emotions. When you have taken this step, you have to find out what means are available to you in the face of this addiction, and take the means to free yourself from it.

Creating new habits

A good trick to overcome a bad habit is to create another one that will replace it, of course preferably with a healthier habit. For my part, I have created a routine, a kind of ritual. For every bad habit I gave up, I replaced it with an artichoke infusion, a tea or a healthy snack.

Plants against diabetes.

For people who have diabetes, there are herbs that are great for lowering blood sugar. A good habit to improve health would be to infuse fenugreek or ginseng root, to replace the too sweet snacks that are consumed during the day. Studies have shown that these plants would have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Cinnamon improves fasting blood sugar, and after meals it increases insulin sensitivity, it could protect the kidneys from diabetic vascular damage. Ceylon cinnamon is taken at the rate of ½ teaspoon of powder, divided into 2 to 3 daily intakes. Turmeric and ginger are also great allies for controlling diabetes.

Les plantes pour mieux vivre

Cholesterol and plants

Cholesterol is essential in our system, but you have to know how to control it to avoid hypercholesterolemia. There are many plants that have positive effects on this one. Milk thistle is one of the first choice, this plant promotes the elimination of fats and lipids, helping us to properly maintain our metabolism. Another type of herbal tea also has very beneficial effects on our body, in infusion, the peel of the orange and the lemon contains excellent flavonoids which fight against cholesterol, and are also an excellent source of vitamin C which strengthens immune system. The mixture of green tea and lemon peel is a perfect mixture for people who want to lose weight.

Stress management

Stress is another cause of heart disease, depression and many unexplained chronic pain. Succeeding in managing your stress is an everyday job, you must first succeed in identifying the causes, the events and even the people in our surroundings that are often the source of our stress.

Setting boundaries

We have to set our limits with certain people, reorganize our lives to avoid situations that impose too much stress on us. Good time management, periods of time to recharge, and of course a good tisane to restore our nervous system.Too much stress and anxiety can cause problems high blood pressure, chest pain, headaches and many other symptoms. Linden, chamomile, lemon balm and lavender are known to soothe the nervous system.

Decrease hypertension

Modern life puts a lot of stress and social pressure on us, which affects our ability to stay calm inside. There are some wonderful herbs in nature to help lower high pressure, Hawthorn is one that has instant effects. This plant is able to regulate the heartbeat. Hawthorn can also dilate the coronary arteries at the same time, which helps to improve the functioning of the heart by regulating pressure. Hawthorn is also used to treat anxiety, tachycardia and also to reduce bad cholesterol. Passionflower, yarrow, valerian are others that also have positive effects on the treatment of high blood pressure.

Nature takes care of us.

Before the era of big pharma, medicine used plants to treat patients. For several generations in all cultures around the world, the use of medicinal plants has been the essence of therapies, of treatment to relieve patients of several symptoms and to cure certain diseases. Even today, phytotherapy, herbalism and naturopathy are very present in a modern world where current medicine has evolved a lot. Medicine can now do great things, and there are also some things we could not even imagine 50 years ago.

Health, a gift from heaven.

There is still a lot of room for alternative medicine for people who want a more natural approach, where prevention and a healthy lifestyle are the key elements of good health. Taking care of your health is a duty, health is not offered to everyone. Unfortunately, there are many people who are born with health problems, genetic diseases or who have developed incurable diseases.

We who are lucky enough to have received this gift must preserve it, and the same goes for nature, which graciously offers us its virtues.

With that, I wish you all good health.

Hugo Leboeuf

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