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Bulang Shan Pu Er Shou 2011

Bulang Shan Pu Er Shou 2011

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Pressed in small nests (tuo) of 5 grams, this Pu Er harvested in 2011 in the Bulang Mountains was produced and stored in Menghai.

In the ideal portion for the teapot, the gaiwan or your favorite cup, it seduces lovers of simplicity.

Shou-style Pu Er (rapid fermentation), the 2011 Bulang Shan presents warm aromas of damp earth, fresh tobacco and ripe fruit (prunes, grapes). Sweet and mineral its liquor stretches on a long finish devoid of bitterness.

Preparation in teapot

1 tbsp. / 250 ml water.

95 ° Celsius

Temps d'infusion 4 to 5 minutes.

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