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The Emperor's Blue Concubine (Lan Gui Ren) 50g

The Emperor's Blue Concubine (Lan Gui Ren) 50g

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This Ginseng Oolong tea is a high altitude tea. Producers sometimes call him Lan Gui Ren. This tea is of remarkable quality and is consumed throughout East Asia. The Lan Gui Ren variety indicates that this tea is superior to the basic qualities found in supermarkets.

This tea combines both the aromatic notes of the root of ginseng and high altitude tea. Ginseng gives off soft, slightly sweet and thirst-quenching notes, while Oolong Dong Ding is known for its floral and honeyed notes.

This tea will delight you in addition to giving you invigorating sensations.

Preparation in teapot

1 tbsp. / 250 ml water.

95 ° Celsius

Temps d'infusion 4 to 5 minutes.

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