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PULMONATHE (cough and bronchitis) 60 g

PULMONATHE (cough and bronchitis) 60 g

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Cough and bronchitis

These plants relieve irritation of the respiratory tract, eliminate excess mucus and calm coughs. They can be used to treat an acute condition (cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia) or to prevent the recurrence or persistence of chronic conditions (chronic lung disease, emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc.). It is clear that this infusion is not sufficient to fully cure these acute or chronic problems, but the use of Pulmonathé promotes the release of the respiratory tract, improves expectoration, maximizes oxygenation and helps the healing of the tissues of the respiratory tract.


Do not take during pregnancy, if you have high blood pressure, or kidney problems.

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Mullein, black cherry, chickweed, licorice, marshmallow.

Preparation in teapot

2 tbsp. / 250 ml water.

100 ° Celsius

Temps d'infusion 10 to 15 minutes.

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