Our company was born in the Kung Fu studios of Saint-Eustache. Founded in 2013 by Hugo Leboeuf, the store continues to expand, and is gaining a reputation as a brand in the world of tea. When we started, our number produced in stock was limited to thirty teas from CAMELLIA SINENSIS. Now the store now has more than 150 products. In association with the Clef des Champs herbalists, the boutique now offers a range of medicinal plants, tinctures and organic herbal teas certified by ECOCERT CANADA. We have access to a variety of over 200 organic plants and herbs, and over 200 teas whose quality and freshness are controlled by the finest sommeliers in THE ART OF TEA. Our mission is to provide quality products, advice adapted to the needs of each individual and above all to transmit our passion for health.